Ontotext Launches AI-Powered Platform For Drug Discovery Process

The platform, called Target Discovery, allows for more efficient discovery and information retrieval.


Ontotext announced the immediate availability of Target Discovery, an AI- powered platform that speeds the process of discovering new safe and efficient drug candidates. Already in place at leading top 10 pharmaceutical companies, biotech startups, and healthcare enterprises, Target Discovery empowers life science organizations to combine knowledge from all relevant sources, including public and proprietary data with AI-derived data from scientific publications, patents, and clinical trials.

Drug discovery and development is a long, costly, and high-risk process that takes over 10–15 years with an average cost of over $1–2 billion for each new drug to be approved for clinical use according to reports. With Target Discovery, scientists and researchers, translational biology professionals and bioinformaticians can bring together all the knowledge about biomedical entities, such as genes, proteins, compounds, into a centralized Knowledge Graph. The system then democratizes insight discovery through powerful search tools, data visualization and provides transparent analytics to aid data-driven decision making. Ontotext's Target Discovery helps biomedical experts without any technical skills utilize powerful AI-based analytics for both target identification and selection with visibility over the algorithms.

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