ObvioHealth Completes Virtual Urogynecology Clinical Trial

ObvioHealth announced it has completed the first fully virtual urogynecology study in partnership with their trial sponsor, Renovia, Inc. The trial was conducted to test the efficacy of Renovia’s leva Pelvic Health System on women’s incontinence, which affects 62% of U.S. adult women. The study included 350 women in an RCT who participated virtually at home. The participants used ObvioHealth’s application to gather real-time data on bladder leaks to reduce recall bias while increasing their data accuracy. ObvioHealth’s Virtual Site team assisted with patient retention by monitoring compliance and handled patient engagement. The virtual site delivered the support needed for their patients to participant in the trial as the design allowed them to be recruited remotely, flexible with their busy lifestyles.They have completed several decentralized trials in women’s health and are able to replicate it in other women-focused trials, which makes ObvioHealth stand out in the CRO market.

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