Japan National Cancer Center Hospital East Partners with Lunit on AI Pathology Solution


The partnership will focus on developing Lunit's SCOPE, an AI biomarker platform.

Lunit, a global provider of AI-powered cancer diagnostic solutions, announced a collaboration with the National Cancer Center Hospital East (NCCHE) to evaluate and validate its AI pathology solution for tissue data analysis.

This partnership aims to leverage the capabilities of Lunit SCOPE, an AI-biomarker platform, in analyzing Immunohistochemistry and H&E tissue slide data from various clinical trials, including NCCHE's molecular profiling projects such as Scrum-Japan Monstar-Screen. The primary objective is to assess AI's ability to accurately read known biomarkers such as HER2 and PD-L1, as well as to evaluate the performance of emerging biomarkers like immune phenotype, as read by Lunit Scope IO, in predicting clinical outcomes in multiple treatment settings.

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