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Clario and Strados Labs Announce Partnership


Clario has announced a partnership with Strados Labs to provide the FDA-cleared RESP Biosensor for clinical trials. This wearable device is lightweight and non-invasive, with capabilities such as allowing for objective assessment of crackles, rhonchi, and wheeze events, as well as offering a streamlined approach for at-home cough monitoring in trial participants.

The wireless device records pulmonary sounds for 24 uninterrupted hours and has the capacity to hold up to 220 hours (about one and a half weeks) of recordings on board. With the capabilities of a digital stethoscope, this device can capture lung sounds, enabling measurement of cough frequency, cough severity, cough type (e.g., dry, productive), and other adventitious events (e.g., wheeze, rhonchi, crackles).


Clario and Strados Labs partner to bring new pulmonary endpoints to respiratory clinical trials. (2023, March 21). Cision PR Newswire.

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