BlueRock Therapeutics to Incorporate Wearable and “Invisible” DHT in Parkinson’s Trial


Rune Labs' StriveStudy platform and Emerald Innovations' Emerald wireless monitoring sensor will passively capture data on Parkinson's disease impact on function of 50 study participants in BlueRock's global non-interventional clinical study.

Clinical stage biopharmaceutical company and wholly-owned, independently operated subsidiary of Bayer AG, BlueRock Therapeutics LP, announced a collaboration with Rune Labs and Emerald Innovations for digital data collection in a non-interventional Parkinson's disease clinical trial.

BlueRock is currently testing a first-in-class stem cell-based therapy, bemdaneprocel (BRT-DA01), in a Phase I trial, with expected results in the second half of 2023. BlueRock is also enrolling patients in a two-year global non-interventional study focused on gaining a better understanding of patients' day to day experience with Parkinson's disease using the Rune Labs and Emerald Innovations technology.

Rune Labs' StriveStudy platform works directly with the wearable Apple Watch and Apple's Movement Disorder API and will be used to record real-time measurement of general mobility, tremor intensity, dyskinesia, and involuntary muscle movements of patients in the non-interventional study.

Emerald Innovations' Emerald monitoring biosensor belongs to a new class of sensors called "invisibles" that extract health metrics from radio signals, without wearable devices. Placed in the homes of study participants, the Emerald sensor continuously analyzes the surrounding radio signals using artificial intelligence. In this study it will collect data on patients' gait speed, mobility, and sleep quality.

BlueRock will compare data from the use of both technologies to standard measurement and feasibility tools to gauge the feasibility of their use for future clinical studies for BRT-DA01.

More information about the Phase I trial is available at (NCT#04802733)

More information about the non-interventional study is available at (NCT#05363046)


BlueRock Therapeutics to incorporate wearable and invisible contactless digital health technologies from Rune Labs and Emerald Innovations in Parkinson's disease clinical trial. CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire

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