Aitia and Servier Launch Pancreatic Cancer AI-Driven Drug Discovery and Simulation Collaboration

The two companies will work together to create digital twins to fight the cancer.

Aitia, a company focused on the development and application of Causal AI and “Digital Twins” to discover and develop new drugs, announced a collaboration with Servier to create new Gemini Digital Twins to help in the fight against Pancreatic Cancer. This collaboration builds on an earlier collaboration in multiple myeloma that was announced in 2022.

According to the World Health Organization, pancreatic cancer is estimated to be the seventh most common cause of cancer related deaths worldwide, accounting for more than 466,003 deaths globally in 2020. Compared with many other cancers, the combined five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer–the percentage of all patients who are living five years after diagnosis–is very low at just 11%. This is mainly due to the fact that pancreatic cancer patients are often diagnosed at stage IV, when the disease has metastasized.

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