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Aidoc AI Software Used to Reduce Missed Follow Up Appointments


The company announced updates to its software to focus on this issue.

Image credit: stock.adobe.com

Image credit: stock.adobe.com

AI is being utilized across the pharma industry, often in unique and unexpected ways.

Aidoc announced its latest updates to its AI-powered patient management software.1 These updates focus on improving the rates of patient follow-up visits, especially for those that have chronic conditions. The technology works to identify, monitor, and capture these patients and prevent any serious gaps in healthcare.

In a press release, Aidoc’s CEO Elad Walach said, “Aidoc's AI technology is a transformative force in patient management. Our platform, with its diverse integrated solutions, doesn't just enhance diagnostic precision—it revolutionizes the entire follow-up process, ensuring no patient falls through the cracks. By integrating comprehensive data analysis with clinical insights, we empower healthcare providers to deliver timely and effective care, ultimately setting a new benchmark for patient outcomes and operational efficiency."

In the same press release, Edouard Aboian, MD, an assistant professor of vascular surgery at the Yale School of Medicine, said, “Aidoc's comprehensive patient management platform has transformed our approach to patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). The integration of AI technology into our workflow has increased the number of AAA patients, improved long-term follow-up and greatly reduced the time to appointment and intervention. This technology has truly bridged the gap between radiologic findings and patient care, allowing us to provide timely and effective treatments."

This is the latest announcement regarding Aidoc’s AI software. In early June of this year, the company announced that University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, had implemented Aidoc’s AI-powered platform across 13 of its hospitals and in additional outpatient locations.2

In a press release issued at the time, University Hospital’s chair of radiology Dr. Donna Plecha said, “Today's care delivery is incredibly complex with numerous moving parts. Aidoc's AI technology assists our radiologists in evaluating various patient images, allowing our clinicians to access precise, actionable data quickly. The AI technology enables our care teams to be more accurate and efficient leading to even more exceptional care for our patients."

In the same press release, Walach added, “We are thrilled to collaborate with University Hospitals to drive healthcare innovation through our AI solutions. University Hospitals' visionary approach to healthcare and dedication to integrating technology sets a new standard for patient care. UH is not only enhancing care coordination and streamlining workflows but also ensuring every patient receives the precise, timely and exceptional care they deserve. UH's commitment to medical ingenuity and excellence is truly transformative."

In February, the company also announced a collaboration with the American College of Cardiology.3

In a press release issued at the time, the American College of Cardiology’s chief innovation officer Ami Bhatt, MD, said, “Our collaboration with Aidoc is aligned with the ACC's mission to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health for all. These advanced tools that identify coronary artery calcium and communicate potential increased cardiovascular risk are an important advancement in population health."

In the same press release, Aidoc’s vice president of innovation Demetri Giannikopoulos said, “Collaborating with the American College of Cardiology represents a landmark moment in our mission to harness AI's potential in healthcare. ACC is renowned for its dedication to advancing cardiovascular care globally, and we are honored to work alongside them to elevate clinical management and enable equitable, preventative, state-of-the-art care. Together, we can revolutionize how coronary artery calcium is detected and treated, profoundly impacting countless patients' lives. This collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical innovation."


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